shutterstock_44594308Each September, thousands of young people across the country are preparing themselves for their next steps. Some will choose to study the traditional A Level route, others will take vocational courses at a college, and some will be ready to make the move on to university-level study.
This year, many more will take their place as an apprentice; giving them the opportunity to study and work – and get paid for it.

Vacancies across the country
Vision Apprentices has vacancies from as far north as Aberdeen, to as far south as Watford. We’re one of the largest providers of apprenticeships in the UK, and work with employers across the country to provide quality apprenticeships and training. Our employers range from small, family run businesses to UK-wide organisations.

Apprenticeships all year round
While schools, colleges and universities all begin their new term in September, apprenticeship vacancies can crop up all year round, giving those who feel they’re not enjoying their course, or who want to pursue another career avenue, a plan B.
Our current list of vacancies all close on 30 September, meaning there are over 100 opportunities to start a job in October!

A wide variety of jobs
The great thing about apprenticeships is the opportunity to pursue a career in the industry you wish to work in. Our current vacancies span a number of sectors including beauty therapy, business admin, construction, customer services, engineering, health and care and cookery to name but a few.

Some apprenticeships have more opportunities come available than others – there are plenty of opportunities to get into business admin and customer service, but apprenticeships also offer a route into more unusual jobs – we currently have vacancies for an apprentice pet store assistant, and an apprentice toolmaker!

A range of employers
We have apprenticeships with a number of large and small employers, from independent family run businesses, to large well-known organisations. We currently have vacancies with A-Plant, the University of Nottingham, Bunzl and more!

Easy to apply
Apprenticeship vacancies are easy to apply for. Visit our vacancies page, and search our vacancies by sector, choose the vacancy which looks most appealing to you, and click apply. You will then be asked to register your details with us, and start the process to becoming an apprentice.

We then work hard to match you with an apprenticeship that’s right for you, and start the process to you becoming an apprentice.

Need a little help?
Whether you’re unsure which apprenticeship is right for you, want to know more about apprenticeships in general, or are having trouble with your application, you can speak to an advisor today on 0800 121 8317!

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