Looking for your next job? Beat the Christmas rush and apply for an apprenticeship

santas-workingAs the holidays draw ever closer, many shops and businesses will be advertising for temporary positions, to help with the demands of Christmas shoppers and those hoping to bag a bargain.

From Christmas elves to pickers and packers, many places will need a quick turnaround of staff to help with a variety of tasks that require minimal training for an immediate start.

A temporary job can provide you with new skills and great experience for your CV, but unfortunately many temporary jobs are just that – temporary, so as quickly as the tree is packed back into the loft, you could be once again looking for a new position.

As an alternative, we encourage you to consider an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are basically a job with training. You take a position within a company and work towards industry-recognised qualifications – and earn a weekly wage too!

As an apprentice you’ll be entitled to staff holidays (so you might get Christmas off, rather than work all the days no one wants as a temp!) and other benefits too.

Apprenticeships span various industries; you could choose to work in business admin, customer services, engineering, healthcare, management and more, and come in three levels; intermediate, advanced and higher, so you could work your way up to university-level qualifications.

Better still, a high number of apprentices stay on with their employer once their apprenticeship ends (this is usually based on employer discretion), so you could have a permanent position in a business where you’ve established yourself as an employer, made friends and gained skills.

Vision Apprentices has a number of apprenticeship vacancies running into December and we’re always adding more, so there’s a plenty of opportunity to apply for a position within your preferred field.

If you’ve already taken a temporary position, great! The communication and teamwork skills you gain will be attractive to any employer, should you wish to apply for an apprenticeship with us in the New Year.

You can apply for vacancies online, and If you’re the right applicant for the job, you could be in employment as soon as next month, and while that might mean not much money this Christmas, it will mean for the next 12 months you’re in a paid position AND gaining qualifications too; something which will benefit you for years to come.

View our vacancies today at www.visionapprentices.co.uk, or call 0800 100 8317 to speak to one of our advisors.

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