Josh’s unusual apprenticeship is opening up great career opportunities

Josh CokeIn the summer of 2015, Josh Coke (18) started a Level 2 apprenticeship in business improvement techniques at Ashfield District Council. This type of apprenticeship is quite unique, making this a great opportunity for Josh to do something a little bit different from the standard business admin apprenticeship.

The framework sees Josh doing some general administrative duties alongside analysing the council’s performance, and suggesting ways in which they can improve. “It’s a mixed bag – you do lots of different things” says Josh, but he mainly enjoys going into different departments within the council to help them devise their service plan.

Josh is enjoying this type of work because he is good with numbers – “I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I left school, but I’ve always liked working with numbers so I thought I’d go into that sort of thing” said Josh.

Upon leaving school, Josh went to college to study A Level accounting, maths and business. However, after a few months he decided that college life wasn’t for him, so he decided to look for work. He was looking on job-boards when he came across Vision Apprentices, “I looked through the business admin and office type vacancies on the Vision Apprentices website and applied for a few – I wasn’t necessarily looking for an apprenticeship, but I liked the idea of still working towards qualifications and earning money at the same time” said Josh.

Coming into work every day is what Josh likes the most about his apprenticeship, “it’s like a normal job which is nice, but I’m also learning on the side and working towards my Level 2 qualification.”

“The framework of the apprenticeship has been really interesting – learning about process mapping and using lots of different computer programmes has been great. The framework and the job itself go hand-in-hand.”

Not only is Josh helping to improve the council’s business techniques but the council has helped Josh improve on his communication techniques – working with different people across the council, such as the chief executive, has greatly improved his confidence and he now feels able to communicate effectively throughout the hierarchy of the council.

After working through an apprenticeship for almost a year, Josh says he would “100% recommend apprenticeships, especially to those who are looking to find work after leaving school” he adds, “jobs are hard to find, and with apprenticeships you get support.” Due to the help and support he has received from us, Josh would also recommend Vision Apprentices to others, “Vision is an established name and a brand you can rely on.”

Due to Josh’s hard work and determination, he is now on course to finish his apprenticeship in August 2016 – a couple of months earlier than expected. His manger Jo Froggatt is so impressed with his work ethic, she has offered Josh the opportunity to apply for a trainee position within the team once he finishes his apprenticeship. In this position, Josh will continue working in a business improvement role as well as potentially working towards a project management qualification.

Jo says “Josh is a valuable member of the team, being very quick to learn and build his experience in the business improvement role. It has been a pleasure to support his growth and job skills and I hope he remains within the team on his career journey.”

If you like the thought of doing something a little different, then get in touch with the Vision Apprentices team. We take the time to get to know you, and will help and support you on your journey in finding the right apprenticeship for you.

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