Josh is building up his skills-set with an apprenticeship

IMG_5448This week we’ve been speaking to Josh (23) who is currently half way though his Level 2 business admin apprenticeship at Mansfield District Council. He tells us about how he discovered apprenticeships, the support he’s received from us and why being an apprentice really suits his learning style and future ambitions. Here’s Josh’s story:

After he finished school, Josh wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do next. He went on to study a variety of qualifications including a Level 3 business course and A Levels. However, neither of these courses suited Josh’s style of learning. As a result, Josh decided not to go to university in order to pursue other options. “I think I learn better by actually being shown how to do something” said Josh, “I thought it would be more practical if I can gain experience at the same time as learning.”

Josh’s preferred learning style is what originally attracted him to apprenticeships. An apprenticeship is a real job in which you will learn specialist skills, work towards nationally-recognised qualifications and gain the vital experience needed to progress in your chosen profession, all whilst earning a weekly wage. Josh said: “The advantage of an apprenticeship is that you can build up skills and experience whilst working towards qualifications at the same time.” It wasn’t until he discovered apprenticeships that Josh finally found his feet, and realised that this is what he had been searching for since he left school.

Before Josh discovered apprenticeships, he underwent two work placements to build up his skillset. Josh said: “the experience was good because you get to see what it’s like in a working environment.” It was this work experience and the skills he learnt on-the-job that helped him to become more confident within himself and gave him the courage to start applying for apprenticeships.

Unfortunately, when Josh applied for his first apprenticeship, he wasn’t successful. Josh puts this down to his interview skills, to combat this he said: “I worked with Vision Apprentices to focus on improving my skills.” He then saw the position at Mansfield District Council, and was attracted to it straightaway, “I thought the role itself was really interesting.” Josh decided to go for it after feeling more confident with his interview technique, he said: “I was feeling nervous during the interview – but they must have been impressed enough to take me on, which is a good sign!”

In the role Josh works with the council’s partners, typing up documents, inputting information on websites, updating social media and sorting incoming mail. He praises the apprenticeship saying “it helped build my communication skills, and made me become more confident to communicate with others.”

Even though Josh doesn’t feel he needs much support, he knows that Vision Apprentices are always there if he needs them, “the support I have got is good, I haven’t got any complaints about that. The advice from Vision Apprentices has been good too and very helpful.”

Josh is really enjoying his apprenticeship and would love to progress to Level 3, then progress from there.

If Josh were to give school leavers advice about their education options, it would be to “consider your preferred learning style, if you learn more by doing, then I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship.” He also says deciding on the type of apprenticeship you should study is easier if “you have a good idea of what you want to do in the future.”

If you are like Josh, and learn a lot more efficiently by actually doing the task in hand, then an apprenticeship could be the perfect option for you. To find out more about Vision Apprentices and how we can help you, call 0800 121 8317 or email

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