Meet the apprentices: Daniel is working towards his dream career!

“Doing this apprenticeship has enabled me to gain new valuable skills and experience which will all be relevant and play a part in my long term plans.”Apprentice: Daniel Leader

Daniel Leader is currently studying business administration with hopes of one day progressing into a career in the British Armed Forces. It has been Daniel’s dream to one day work as an RAF Police Officer, and says that an apprenticeship in business has provided him with new skills and given him the vital experience needed to progress into future employment.

Here Daniel tells us what it’s like working as a business administration apprentice at Mansfield District Council, and the benefits of his apprenticeship.

What apprenticeship course did you study?

I’m currently studying Business Administration

Why did you decide on an apprenticeship?

I wanted to be able to experience working life whilst still being able to study; apprenticeships are a valuable stepping stone for any 16 year old that doesn’t quite know what they want to do in career life or for anyone that needs that experience in order to achieve their long term goals.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship in this industry?

Business administration would enable me to gain valuable experience which will be relevant to my future job aspirations in the RAF; as it will involve knowing how to type up reports correctly, dealing with meeting management, deadlines and generic business admin skills that I have learnt via organising many civic events.

What did you enjoy the most about your apprenticeship?

My apprenticeship has proven to be better than I expected, I didn’t expect to be doing the leadership role of event organising, for example; I certainly loved taking part in the annual Remembrance Day parade as it’s the event that I hold most special.

However my most rewarding event from this previous year would be organising and orchestrating the second successful takeover day; where we had around 80 kids come into Mansfield District Council to effectively ‘takeover’ different roles within the council. It’s safe to say, the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves for the second year in a row – this is my biggest/best achievement to date.

What is the best thing you learnt during your apprenticeship?

The best thing I’ve learnt is that the fact that I’m able to have a sustainable job and income while being able to progress myself and further develop myself as a person and learn new skills, which means I can have a life outside of work while still being able to learn nationally-recognised qualifications, as nowadays experience in the workplace holds just as strong; if not stronger than going to university without any work experience, as the employment market is tremendously tough.

What is your current position?

My role in Mansfield District Council is in the Democratic Services department as a Member Support Officer. My role is to assist and support the Mansfield District Council’s decision making process which could include:

  • Preparing and publishing agendas via our special agenda making software
  • Attending meetings as support/minute taker
  • Booking meeting rooms for meetings to take place
  • Printing and sending out the agendas to the relevant persons
  • Assisting other team members with their duties.

How did you progress into the job you have now?

My apprenticeship was originally a yearlong with hopefully being able to extend onto the next level for the coming year doing the next level equivalent apprenticeship. However there was a vacancy post in our department which was ring-fenced to all apprentices doing Business Admin to apply for. I thought as I’ve been doing the job for the past year and I would like to progress onto more responsibility, I decided to apply and luckily got selected as the strongest candidate!

Did your apprenticeship prepare you well for your current role?

My apprenticeship was more or less the same as my current job, so I was highly prepared and ready for the challenge.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I mostly enjoy working with my colleagues who I look forward to spending the rest of this year with them. It is a very rewarding and satisfying job to have, especially for someone of my age!

What are your future career ambitions?

My long term plans for to join HM Armed Forces in the RAF as an RAF police officer. It has been my lifelong ambition and I’ve always strived to achieve it.

Doing this apprenticeship has enabled me to gain new valuable skills and experience which will all be relevant and play a part in my long term plans, whilst also further developing myself as a person improving my communication skills and interpersonal skills.

The skills I have developed and learnt with Vision Apprentices over this past year for example; organisational and leadership skills will be transferable to my career in the RAF.

Would you recommend Vision Apprentices?

Yes, an apprenticeship is my recommended way of having a sustainable rate of income while still being able to complete recognisable qualifications which enhance your career life and leads to further development.

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