Vision Apprentices: Meet the team!

“Apprentices get paid, gain real life work experience, and achieve excellent qualifications. With the backing of a good employer you really can progress far.” – Paul Stubbings 

Meet another member of the Vision Apprentices Team. Paul Stubbings is one of our placement officers who works closely with potential apprentices to get them into the right placement!

meet-the-teamHow long have you worked with Vision Apprentices?
Originally, I joined Vision West Nottinghamshire College in 2005 and worked in the employer engagement team doing various roles. I have worked with Vision Apprentices since July 2011 (nearly four years)! I believe we offer an innovative approach to recruiting and employing apprentices. We are a fast-paced team which constantly evolves and adapts to meet the need of employers and government legislation.

What were your roles prior to this?
When I first started at college in 2005 I was an administrator in the work-based learning team. I then progressed to become a work-based adviser which involved lots of travel and meeting employers/apprentices at their premises for sign-ups and regular progress reviews. Prior to working at college I worked at a UPVC window and door manufacturer in Sheffield doing purchase orders and general office work.

What aspects of your role do you enjoy the most?
I really enjoy seeing an apprentice develop in their role and watch them transform over the course of their apprenticeship into a more confident and competent person.

If you were an apprentice, what sector would you love to work in and why?
I would love to do an apprenticeship in IT or engineering. I am quite a techy person and my favourite programmes are the Gadget Show, Top Gear and Wheeler Dealers. So anything with cars or computers would be great!

What is the best thing about being an apprentice (Why should young people look to do an apprenticeship)?
Because you’re getting paid, gaining real life work experience, and achieving excellent qualifications. With the backing of a good employer you really can progress far.
There’s also the added bonus that you won’t have a large student loan to pay back like you would if you went down the university route! 

What’s the weirdest/most diverse/exciting apprenticeship you have come across?
I currently have an apprentice that works for the Heritage Lottery Fund in Nottingham. I think that is an interesting apprenticeship because he deals with applications for Lottery money from lots of historical sites throughout the country and gets to visit these locations. He also went for an induction at their London headquarters recently which was all paid for by the company.

Name the best employer you have recruited for and why?
I have worked with lots of great employers over the years that are really supportive and value the apprentices that they take on. A good employer that I’m working with at the moment is A-Plant. They have 50 branches throughout the country and are looking to take on around 60 new apprentices in the customer service and driving sectors.

Name one fact we don’t know about you?
I used to play bass in a band called Inner City Sleeping. We played quite a few gigs and won battle of the Bands at Retford Theatre in in 2002. We also supported Bad Manners at Tuxford festival and supported the one and only Chesney Hawkes at Lincoln University!

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